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Breathe Easy Knowing Your Loved One Is in Safe Hands

Find out when to petition for adult guardianship in Greeley, CO

Caring for an aging parent, grandparent or family friend can be difficult. It's even harder when your loved one is no longer capable of making important decisions. In times like these, you need the help of an experience attorney to establish adult guardianship.

Robert A. Wiest, Attorney at Law LLC has been providing guidance to Greeley, CO-area residents in complex family matters for decades. If you're finding that...

  • Your loved one's assets need to be managed properly
  • Your loved one can no longer maintain his or her home
  • Your loved one would receive better care at an assisted living facility

... then don't wait to contact us. Attorney Wiest will walk you through the process of establishing adult guardianship. Call 970-888-3777 now to schedule a consultation.

Conservatorships are designed to protect loved ones' finances

The court can grant you authority to manage your loved one's assets, including retirement accounts, real estate and business interests. That's why you should find an attorney in Greeley, CO who's familiar with petitioning for conservatorships. Attorney Wiest also has experience with sweetheart wills. You can trust him to give you the estate planning guidance you need.

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