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Use a Separation Agreement to Decide What's Best for Your Family

An divorce lawyer in Greeley, CO will write one for you

You know your family's situation better than anyone. Why should you let a jury decide what's best for your family? With Robert A. Wiest, Attorney at Law LLC on your side, you can write a separation agreement to negotiate spousal support, division of assets or child visitation.

Attorney Wiest has been practicing family law for years and grew up in Greeley, CO. You can feel confident turning to him for local representation. Call 970-888-3777 today to speak with a divorce lawyer about your separation agreement details.

Are the scales balanced?

Our goal is to arrive at a fair decision. To do that, we'll work with you to...

  • Understand your goals-we'll listen carefully and ask follow-up questions to ensure that we're on the same page.
  • Negotiate equitable division of assets-this includes alimony or child support payments that you'll receive from or give to your spouse.
  • Give you the closure you're seeking-we'll give you peace of mind as you separate from your spouse.

Let's discuss your case in detail. Call 970-888-3777 today to speak with a divorce lawyer in Greeley, Colorado.