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Avoid Playing Tug-of-War With Your Spouse for Child Custody

Ask a child custody lawyer in Greeley, CO about your options

You cherish your relationship with your child. Your estranged spouse does, too. A child custody lawyer will do his best to persuade the judge to grant you as much visitation time as possible. Robert A. Wiest, Attorney at Law LLC has the legal experience and knowledge needed to present your case successfully.

As your custody lawyer, Robert A. Wiest will keep your child's best interests in mind. He'll discuss the judge's likely ruling and strategies that will help you achieve your goals. Talk with a child custody lawyer in Greeley, CO by calling 970-888-3777 right away.

No case is too complex for us

Attorney Wiest has represented clients going through all kinds of tough situations, including...

  • Kinship custody and grandparent rights
  • Child protection cases
  • Joint and sole custody

Schedule your initial consultation so we can discuss your case in detail. Contact Robert A. Wiest, Attorney at Law today to speak with a custody lawyer in Greeley, CO.